The Sickest Zodiac Signs

Did you know that there are people prone to certain diseases depending on the sign? Moreover, the zodiac signs react differently when they get sick.

Here are the diseases that the 12 zodiac signs are prone to:


Marked by the influence of the planet Mars, Aries is the most dynamic nature of the zodiac. As Mars governs their head and face, the two cerebral hemispheres, the eyes, the pineal gland and the teeth, the “children” of the zodiac, as the Aries natives are called, always have a scar on the head, a sign of their adventurous nature.

Diseases: most often, rams experience migraines, neuralgia, insomnia or fainting.

How they react to the disease: due to the exceptional energy they have, the native rams fight the disease very well. Most of the time, the diseases manifest in acute forms, but the energy they have makes them recover very quickly.

Aries are the kind of people who don’t complain and prefer to retire when they get sick.

What makes them sick: the monotony, the lack of challenges, the existential problems or the plans that they do not carry out.


Bulls are under the sign of the planet Venus, which embodies fertility. In the human body, the sign of the bull governs the throat, tonsils, larynx and pharynx, neck, ears and thyroid gland.

Diseases: because sometimes they taste too much of the pleasures of life, bulls often suffer from diseases of the stomach, tonsillitis, laryngitis, but also diseases of the genital tract.

How he reacts to the disease: the bull is known for his stubbornness, which makes him go to the doctor only at the last minute. After going to a consultation, the bull is very attentive to the medicines prescribed by the doctor and takes them only if absolutely necessary.

What makes them sick: increased fatigue, unhealthy diet, stress and fear of losing material comfort.


Although they are agile, fast and very agile, the twin natives are not, however, endowed with physical strength. Mercury, their ruling planet, gives them a nervous and dynamic temperament, they have a great willingness to communicate. In the human body, twins are considered the governors of the upper respiratory tract, lungs, shoulders and hands.

Diseases: Twins often suffer from anxiety, overwork, frequent hand and shoulder injuries, and chronic or acute lung disease.

How they react to the disease: the twins are difficult patients because they want to get well immediately. Despite this, they forget to take their medication on time and tend to say that nothing is wrong with them, even though they do not feel well.

What makes them sick: loneliness, restrictions, presence in an environment where they can not satisfy their intellectual curiosities or lack of intellectual discussions with people around them.


In the human body, cancer corresponds to the stomach, duodenum, lower esophagus, breasts and the tip of the lungs.

Diseases: In general, crayfish face fluid retention in the body, diseases of the digestive system, intoxication or bladder problems.

How they react to the disease: in such moments, crayfish become irascible and can not stand anyone around them. The only people they trust are the doctors they go to before they do further investigation. At the same time, crayfish also have hypochondriac tendencies.

What makes them sick: separations, big changes, family problems, adaptation problems.


Born into a strong and vital sign, lions are not very good at dosing their effort, and this ultimately takes revenge on their health. In addition, they tend to neglect themselves.

Diseases: hypertension, heart disease, spinal disorders, eye disorders, sunburn.

How he reacts to the disease: he prefers to stay at work for 24 hours than to go to the doctor and is a disastrous patient, precisely because he has a pathological fear of doctors.

What makes them sick: when their reputation suffers, loss of job, professional or family failure, loss of popularity, premature aging.


Ruled by the planet Mercury, virgins have an innate concern for health, preferring to resort to natural remedies.

Diseases: digestive tract problems, abdominal pain, kidney stones and liver disease.

How they react to the disease: virgins have regular check-ups, so they rarely happen to be taken by surprise by a certain condition.

What makes them sick: stress, too many responsibilities at work, job loss, excessive sensitivity.


Refined and artistic, the scales have a low vitality and show a tendency towards laziness, which makes them avoid exercise.

Diseases: Libra is prone to dark circles and persistent migraines precisely because of lack of exercise. In general, the natives of this zodiac sign suffer from kidney disease, hormonal disorders and urinary tract infections.

How they react to the disease: when they are suffering, scales do not like to know everyone and prefer to go to more doctors for a correct diagnosis. At the same time, they have great confidence in homeopathic remedies.

What makes them sick: conflicts of any kind, lack of love, separations, emotional shocks.


The sign of Scorpio governs the sexual organs, rectum, prostate, anus, reproductive and erectile functions, regenerative power, sexual desire and reproductive power.

Diseases: suffering of the genital tract and various digestive disorders.

How they react to the disease: because they have an innate fear of hospitals and everything that involves a medical check-up, scorpions tend not to explain very well the symptoms they feel.

What makes them sick: lack of challenges, quarrels, mysteries, a breakup or loss of service.


The natives of this sign seem to have no measure when it comes to the pleasures of life. That’s why I don’t measure up to food or drink. They love sports activities (which they do very well), but they lack discipline.

Diseases: diseases of the liver and pancreas, hip pain, sciatic nerve problems, fractures or skin conditions.

How they react to the disease: in general, Sagittarians are optimistic, which is why they heal quite quickly.

What makes them sick: failure to fulfill ideals, betrayal and failure in love.


Ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorns have a closed, tense temperament, often prone to depression, and the sedentary lifestyle suffered by many natives of this sign can affect their mental state.

Diseases: nutritional disorders, migraines, skin diseases, bone diseases, rheumatism, tooth decay.

How he reacts to the disease: he gets sick quite rarely, but when he does, he alarms everyone.

What makes them sick: an uncertain situation in terms of work, professional failures or family separation.


Eccentric by nature and with a nervous temperament, the natives of this sign easily accumulate stress, especially the mental one. Because they have a predilection for coolness and do not dress properly, Aquarius is thus chosen with a lot of trouble.

Diseases: heart, nervous system, joint or blood circulation problems.

How they react to the disease: Aquarius is very cooperative when it comes to treating a disease and follows the treatment as per the book.

What makes them sick: loss of independence, lack of plans for the future, stress.


Ruled by the planet Neptune, the sign of Pisces governs the lower limbs, lymphatic system and psyche as a whole.

Diseases: intestinal diseases, mental disorders, nervous disorders, alcoholism.

How they react to the disease: fish tend to be hypochondriac and tend to do a lot of research. Sometimes it is treated without consulting a doctor.

What makes them sick: overwork, exclusion from certain social environments, restrictions of daily life (which they find unbearable).

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