Summer 2020 horoscope: which will be the luckiest signs in the next three months

The beginning of the summer season brings love and career success for three of the signs that will have a dream summer. The opportunities will pleasantly surprise the natives Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.


The Aries native will be able to easily solve several problems that will arise in his way. He will be less impulsive, and this will be a plus for his career development. The stars will smile at him not only for making plans related to professional life, but also for strengthening family ties. He needs to show more gentleness and forget a little pride. The summer will start with a series of renovations, being preoccupied with the arrangement of the home.


Many challenges await the bulls and they will often be put in the situation of choosing the right path. In the period that follows, the natives of this sign will want to fulfill some plans that they have postponed, whether it is starting a business or transforming their personal life. They should not be afraid to take risks, especially since 2020 is ruled by the elements of the Earth, which Taurus knows how to master well. Free natives have the chance to get to know each other and spend an unforgettable summer together.


This summer, Gemini will be looking for diversity and adventure. Saturn’s influence will be reflected in the work: they will have more and more new ideas, which they will want to put into practice. Conflicts with friends are possible. Free natives will fall in love and can form serious and lasting relationships.


Cancers will be much more ambitious and will want to assert themselves, which is not much in their character. However, if they have set high goals, especially in the professional field, it is good to make an effort. The results will not be long in coming. For some, summer will be rich in social activities and will expand their circle of friends.


A hot summer awaits Lei, because they will have beautiful fulfillments on a sentimental level, many of them managing to find their other half or to strengthen their relationships. It is advisable to be more open and more confident in their own charm. The ingenuity and ambition of these natives will help them take important steps in their careers.


Jupiter and Saturn will help change the lives of the Virgo natives, making them more sociable than ever, more romantic and eager to have fun with friends. Financially, large investments are not recommended for the next three months, because a crisis may be lurking.


For the Libra natives, a calm summer is announced, in which family relations will be a priority. Jupiter will bring them stability in the house. Single natives will tend to return to someone from the past. The balance will be helped a lot by the always optimistic and sentimental attitude that everything that happens in his life is a gift.


Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn will bring vitality, and Saturn will bring the possibility to focus on the projects started. Scorpio natives will enjoy beautiful results in the professional sphere. Some will make decisions to change residence or job. Those who have planned a vacation, will have all the chances to enjoy an unforgettable stay.


Sagittarius natives are known to be independent, and summer will cause them to break out of their routine. Some of them will travel abroad to relax or work. Those who stay at home will find that they are happier with their partners. At the beginning of June, many will resume their business, which they have not been able to manage for some time. At the end of July and beginning of August, the natives will enjoy the fruits of their efforts.


The agglomeration of planets in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis sign will bring, this summer, the energy of change in almost all important areas: professional, social and sentimental. The presence of Jupiter will give them the strength and ability to cope with many trials. Thoughtful, in the same way, they will manage to achieve performances on a professional level that they would not have expected.


The year 2020 will be full of events. In summer, Aquarius has the opportunity to make spontaneous decisions about travel and romantic getaways. There is a tendency to spend more, which can affect their budget. It is good to transfer all major projects for the fall, when the positive changes come.


The summer of 2020 will be a demanding one for these natives, but with spectacular results in the professional field. They will have many opportunities to assert their creativity. A very important period will be from June to the end of July. They will have an active social life, thinking of helping others.

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