Mercury in Scorpio 2021

Mercury enters Scorpio on November 10, and the signs will have big surprises on this day. The changes will be major. We will see and experience things from a different perspective, as we would never have believed. The courage will be much greater and with it will come the achievements. We will constantly seek the truth and leave nothing to spoil our mood. Will we succeed?

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Mercury enters Scorpio and comes with important changes

Mercury enters Scorpio on Tuesday, November 10. It is known that Scorpio is a very strong sign, which means that big surprises are about to appear. It is about a period of transformation, on a personal and global scale. Let’s look at things and see what we really want out of our lives. Many times, we overlook the useful things and get lost in the details, but the time has come to find the solution to the biggest problems that have marked our lives.

When Mercury enters Scorpio, it forces us to choose our desires and release everything that does not represent and is not useful to us, to purify our minds, to heal ourselves of fears and obsessions. We are invited to make choices that bring us benefits, not to let ourselves be swept away and to miss important moments in life due to moments of wandering.

Whenever a planet becomes retrograde, we also have the opportunity to review and redo the areas of our lives. So, if you want to stop making major financial decisions, not always put money aside and refrain from many desires, it’s time to do it. to give you a few moments of pampering, a holiday, an expensive gift, which you have always dreamed of.
During this time, we have the opportunity to abandon the old ways of useless communication. Many times, communication gives us headaches, messages do not get where they should and how they should, so far we manage to develop these issues. We will have the courage to hope more and take risks, because we know we can grow again, even if things don’t go well at first.

Emotional intelligence

As a water sign, they read emotional vibrations and are the first to see today’s news. I also know when someone tries to manipulate them through emotions. They can go down rabbit holes, out of a desire to know the truth about reality. The discovery of conspiracies can make a noise and lead them to darker subjects, where evil works.

Because of this radar for what is off, they sometimes seem obsessed with other people’s character flaws. They are qualified investigators and love to have a mystery to solve.

They have a high degree of emotional intelligence.

This genius to dissect human motivation also makes them talented artists, often attracted to the dark subject of life.

Mercury in Scorpio understands the mental states that go to a point of return, when the only way out is through the darkness to the other side.
Hidden meanings

They have an almost psychic ability to make logic leaps that involve intuition. Being thus regulated in a subtle dynamic, many consider it natural to embrace metaphysical subjects and alternative paths.

In Mercury, this sign of total transformation means that they can go through radical changes in their mentality in their lives. They will also have a great impact on others through their depth of wisdom.

When challenged, this Mercury has an instinct to win the upper hand in a conversation at any cost. It can be a tendency to cut others down with their poisonous barbers, often as a defensive maneuver. I am a formidable opponent with the ability to shoot holes in the presentation of their opponent.

If Mercury in Scorpio has a blind spot, it is with themselves. Often, they resist the way they do research from others. Their curiosity about the dark can be part of a lifelong quest to face it in its entirety.

This is exaggerated if there are heavy angles involving Pluto or the Sun or if the Sun or major planets are in the Eighth House. But difficult angles with Mercury can make you a kind of messenger catalyst, bringing taboos and bright light into the darkness.

Your instinct to gain wisdom about the things that others appreciate gives you a natural courage that can inspire others. You can become a loved one to your friends and family.

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