March 2021 Monthly Horoscope

March 2021 is an important and impactful month at individual and collective level. This month there are some important and long-term astrological aspects and it is recommended to be aware of the power of energy so that we can use them in our help.

Mercury, the planet of communication and reason, will be downgraded until March 10 in the sign of Pisces and Aquarius, and will then resume its direct walk through these two signs. It is preferable that we make major decisions in the second half of the month so as not to risk falling prey to the confusion generated by its demotion.

On March 5, 2021, Venus, the planet of love and material benefits, leaves the sign of its weakness and reaches home, in its sign of nocturnal domicile, in Taurus, a position from which its energy is strong and beneficial and will help us a lot. to build profitable relationships and strengthen our current ones.

On March 9, the Full Moon is formed in the sign of Virgo, a sign of work and health, of the adopted lifestyle, but also of analysis and reason, and this aspect will come with the conclusion of a stage, most likely, for many natives, related to these sectors, the tasks and responsibilities they have in these sectors of life.

Until March 20, the Sun, energy, vitality, will transit the sign of Pisces, and then enter the sign of Aries, a sign in which it becomes strong, bright, maybe even too bright, and thus begins the new astrological year.

The most important and impactful aspect of March is the entry of Saturn, the Great Teacher, the planet of life lessons, in the sign of Aquarius. After about 3 years spent at his home, in his home sign, Capricorn, here that Saturn reaches Aquarius, a sign that he governs secondarily, so, again, the energy he comes with is gentle and strong.

On March 24, 2021, the New Moon will be formed in the sign of Aries and it will be a remarkable moment for all the signs because, more than ever, we are talking about new beginnings in our lives.

Mars, the planet of action, will stay all month, more precisely until March 30, in the sign of Capricorn, and the aspects it will make with Jupiter, the Great Benefactor, and Pluto, the planet of transformations, are particularly important for our evolution, if they we use constructively. We will be determined to act for our benefit, even if it means tearing down a structure that we have not had the courage to do so far.

At the same time, Jupiter and Pluto will begin to form an impactful conjunction, which, however, will be perfected on April 5, but which will begin to be felt as early as the end of this month.

This aspect first destroys, and then creates, it’s just like when you want to build a new house over an old one. First you tear down the old, non-functional one, and then you build, but you will be surprised to see that after this conjunction you will build a villa, a palace, and not just a house.


Careers and professional advancement will not only remain in the attention of those born in the sign of Aries this month, but will be strongly stimulated by Mars, their governor, who is here, and who determines them to evolve, to advance, to prosper.

The plans and negotiations that the natives have had so far will begin to bear fruit by the end of the month. In addition, Mercury, the governor of labor, recovers and unlocks a series of professional projects.

The conjunctions of Mars with Jupiter and Pluto are formed in the career sector and bring the end of a professional stage, but also the opening of new and great horizons.

The natives must, however, have a clear and well-defined, realistic plan for the future because Saturn will enter Aquarius and bring them collaborations and bold projects for which Aries must be prepared.


From a sentimental point of view, those born in the sign of Aries are at an advantage this month. Even if the Sun, the governor of love, will bring in the first part of the month nostalgic thoughts and memories from the past, the natives will enjoy the entry of Venus, the planet that governs their relationships, in the field of personal values.

Specifically, this aspect, correlated with the power they receive from Mars, their governor, in Capricorn, will make the natives want to show their feelings, to show the whole world that they love and, at the same time, they will she does everything she can to make her partner feel that way. The natives become more pragmatic in love, become more serious and stable in relationships.

When the Sun enters their zodiac sign, Aries will show a sensuality and a power of seduction hard to overlook, but, in conjunction with the Black Moon, they may be tempted to fall prey to an adventure, to flirt. and to conquer only to prove his ability.

The lonely ones will live intensely, will have passionate adventures and it is not excluded that on the New Moon a new love story will start from their sign.


The health of those born in the sign of Aries improves in March, given that Mercury, the planet that governs them and the house of health, re-enters directly through the sector responsible for health.

Well, with the Full Moon it is time to let go of everything that is toxic, of everything that has marked it negatively in the past, and to start on a new spiritual path. They will be greatly helped if they return to spirituality and resort to natural remedies. They find their inner balance and so comes the healing.


From a financial point of view, the conjunction Mars-Jupiter and Venus-Uranus can bring to those born in the sign of Aries unexpected and unexpected gains, remarkable opportunities to improve their long-term income, especially that both Venus and Mars they are also governed by the financial sector. Through work will come money and even more than the natives hope.

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