Love horoscope – 2021 will bring you great love for 4 zodiac signs

What natives have the chance to meet the love of their lives in 2021?

January brings a feeling of freshness especially as each of us has been looking forward to the New Year to set certain goals in our love life.

This beginning of the year is the perfect time to get rid of everything that happened negatively a year before and to remove any weight, given new opportunities. For certain signs of the zodiac, this beginning of the year will also involve finding love in 2021.

In general, there are different aspects that we can consider in the area of ​​relationships. Venus, of course, is the planet of love, Mars is a dynamic and enterprising planet, Jupiter is lucky and adventurous – all these planets make astral aspects that can indicate romantic conquests. Even the asteroid Juno can represent a marriage and long-term commitments.

When these elements occupy your astrological map, it can create a good atmosphere for relationships, and things can start to take shape. Astrologers also analyze the state of the governing planets of each sign as an index of a person’s receptivity to new situations. So, if you are looking for a partner, keep going out on dates and staying open. An optimistic attitude could lead to the ignition of a great love sooner than you think.

Let’s see which signs have the chance to meet their great love in 2021.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Around January 3, the Moon will transit into Aries and will appear alongside Juno, which is the asteroid of long-term partnerships. These astral aspects create, in the long run, an opportunity for Aries. Although usually tough, this native now has the opportunity to soften and offer his emotions and vulnerability to a partner who wants to understand him and find a solid relationship.

As a rule, Aries evolves rapidly while focusing on its own goals and agendas. They rarely slow down enough to find the right partner or think about safety or security. Such words are not generally part of Aries vocabulary, so it will not necessarily be an easy task, but if they are willing to change direction and move out of their comfort zone, they will do so voluntarily.

To accomplish this, an Aries may try to be more open to someone who shows interest in him. If they are used to avoiding complicated conversations, for example, they may be surprised by the connections they can make by having these kinds of discussions, by getting to know people better, and they will notice the change for the better.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

The ruling planet of Virgo, Mercury, will meet Jupiter with its lucky charm on January 1, in the sign of Capricorn, a stable and terrestrial sign. This planetary aspect means not only the opportunity of the Virgin to have luck in love, but also marks the kind of emotion, pleasure and adventure that accompanies a new sentimental relationship. So, during 2021, you can expect more and more pleasant surprises.

During this period it will be easy for Virgo natives to find a partner and engage in a conversation with a stranger. But Virgo natives must take advantage of this chance by deliberately trying new things to get out of their comfort zone, just to see what happens.

Even if a new relationship can come easily, the natives should not necessarily assume that it will last forever. Virgos need to be careful not to turn all their sentimental expectations on one person, because they will probably be disappointed and demotivated when it turns out to be more of an adventure than a long-term commitment.

In the first half of the year, Virgos have the opportunity to meet interesting people with whom there is the potential for great love. Only fate will decide if it is just fun or love forever.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

On January 3, Mars entered the sign of Sagittarius, giving the natives an extra boost, which will make them even more enthusiastic and adventurous than usual. Sagittarians, by their very nature, want to take advantage of what life has to offer, and through this transit they will feel more alive, more dynamic and more able to look for situations conducive to relationships. The influence of this transit will have an influence on Sagittarius for a period of 6 months.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

With the entry into 2021, the planet of love, Venus, will be in the middle of its transit in the sign of Aquarius, showing those born under this sign how to be loving to others, but also bear fruit the receptive energy of Venus to receive a new relationship in their life.

This can be a wonderful experience for Aquarius, as they usually do what they want and often do not take the time to develop romantic relationships. But if you meet the right person, the year 2021 is perhaps the best time to finally find a great love.

All they have to do is be open to the idea of ​​leaving new people in their lives, which can be difficult, but it will make them happier than I think. Aquarius should consider taking advantage of this Venusian energy at the beginning of the year and see what awaits them.

2021 will be a good time for everyone to meet new people. And thanks to the positive astral configurations for these four signs, the encounters will be easier and more promising for them.

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