Is 2021 a bad year for Pisces?

In the first half of 2021, you will isolate yourself from close people. You become withdrawn, silent, detached, you will no longer want to meet new people and cancel any social event.

As the astrology site Yearly Horoscope reports, the year 2021 will not be bad for Pisces. Of course there will be difficulties, but Pisces will have a pretty good year in almost all areas, but especially in terms of money, love and health.

You just won’t feel like it. Lately, there have been events that have forced you to think hard about what you want, what is important to you, and that has made you feel the need to move away from others, so that you can solve things yourself. you.

This period will last until June 2021, when your life will change radically, when

you will gain professional recognition and you will remember that there is also private life, so you will allow love to re-enter your life.

Mercury will enter 2021 from Capricorn, the 11th House, of acquaintances, friends, the social environment in which you live, personal hopes and goals, humanitarianism, progress and the future.

This will mean that you will be more ingrained in the flow of information. So expect more dialogue, correspondence and ideas centered around personal needs and desires. Make sure you have time for meditation and give moments of peace.

Pisces has an extremely tender end of the year, full of challenges, experiences that you will probably never forget.

Pisces must be thoughtful with money

People born in the sign of Pisces must learn one of the lessons faced by many natives: the lesson of thought.

Pisces are not exactly the most economical, but life will put them in situations where from 2021 onwards they will look twice in their wallet before taking out the money for absolutely everything they need.

Water natives are very generous of their kind and do not look at money when they want to have fun. They give gifts easily, and then they complain that they have no money left.

November and December come with a few cold showers from this point of view, so they have to retreat, to be more careful how they manage their finances.

Pisces like to live in luxury, to travel, to eat the most expensive and fine dishes, but they need to know how much the quilt allows them to stretch.

Mercury’s first demotion will take place on February 17, in Pisces, House 1, of personality, a period in which your impulsivity could erupt, especially since you tend to be a bit dramatic.

The second demotion will take place on June 18, in Cancer and in the 5th House of Creativity and Love, when any emotion you have blocked so far will come to light, which can be overwhelming for those around you. who will feel assaulted, even if you may have good reason to be upset and react that way. You need to find a way to mediate peace. The third demotion will take place on October 14, in Scorpio, in the 9th House.

During this period, it is important to understand the importance of how you formulate your opinions about philosophy, religion or metaphysics and how you express your feelings about them. It is better and healthier to think twice before saying something. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your ideas and concepts.

The first solar eclipse will be an annular one and will take place on June 21, in Cancer, in the 5th House of love, creativity, entertainment.

It could bring an unexpected love, it could open your career perspective in writing – book or media, it warns you about how you manage the love relationship and it can radically change your life in case you are not married, making you want own family.

The second solar eclipse, a total one, will take place on December 14, in Sagittarius and in the 10th House of career and personal goals. It is possible to assert yourself in a field related to law or higher education.

The eclipse brings the energy of change that can radically change your professional life by directing you on the path you have to follow.

Venus will be in Aquarius, in the 12th House, the most subtle house of the zodiac because here the collective unconscious meets the personal one, the things you hold in your soul and you don’t want anyone to know about, places of confinement physical but also mental, when we refer to the fictitious prisoner, all these are found here. It is possible to discover a group of people with common interests or sharing a common experience related to the metaphysical plan. Connecting with others can bring desirable resources.

The relegation period, from May 12 to June 25, in Gemini and in the 4th House of the family, makes you pay attention to the interference of the family, you become more interested in the patrimonial heritage, in the stories of your ancestors, you want to rehabilitate what is can restore and preserve what you have. You will be interested in the well-being of your parents, if they are still alive, you will feel closer to the idea of ​​family and if you are not married you might want that. You can also discover things related to your health.

Mars enters 2021 from the last degree of Scorpio, to enter Sagittarius on January 4, the 10th House of career and personal career goals. Here he talks about the physical effort that can be spent to get the things you want you can have a meeting with someone or a situation that has a strong effect on you.

Depending on how useful or powerless you feel about this, you can do your best to change your commitment position or look for gaps in your situation that can bring you better conditions, remedying them.

With Mars retrograde, in the months of September – November, in Aries, the sign it masters and will follow an extremely dynamic period in which your attention will be focused on how you could increase your own income, either money or property. Many of you will want a home of your own and will do your best to have it.

At the same time, it is recommended that you pay special attention to your health and the way you earn your living, to treat the existing conditions and not to be overwhelmed by less unpleasant situations that may arise in your way.

Jupiter entered Capricorn on December 3, where it will remain for about a year when it moves to Aquarius. Jupiter has its residence in the 11th House, highlighting the expansion related to your social circle, the interior and exterior space. Also, this transit helps you to establish your sense of belonging to humanity in order to feel more balanced.

Outwardly, relationships with friends and the community in which you live should improve or expand your relationships and dreams or add them to the charitable base. If you think it’s time to move, then you can do a good exchange of properties in this transit.

Volunteering in third world countries, a place you prefer, or connecting with another culture can become more of a norm. Or you could learn a lot right in the backyard. During this period, Jupiter guides you to find an emotional space or a place you prefer.

Jupiter will be demoted between May 14 and September 13, which suggests a time when you can be more appreciated for yourself – who you are inside and you will be more expressive, more creative or much more, in the spotlight of others.

You are encouraged by spontaneous, even self-indulgent energy and could help bring romance into your life or create the conditions for a more fun or loving environment – or both! You can grow through contact with people or you can have more access to charitable activities.

It is also a time when money can be obtained from speculation or using your talent tends to be improved at this time. You have more access to a social performance-oriented environment or lifestyle. Retrograde Jupiter will allow you to correct exaggerations and dissonances in your perceptions or vision of humanity, help, affirmation, and destiny.

Saturn entered Capricorn, his home, in the 11th House in 2020. But compared to the last two years, in March he will make his first visit to Aquarius, in the 12th House, but by demotion on July 1, he will return home to leave him for the next 28 years, on December 16. You will take legal issues or longer distance connections, the idea of ​​volunteering and charity more seriously.

You could integrate a new understanding of the concepts, language, culture or thinking system of the social environment in which you enter. The development of an ideology or a field of knowledge will be gradual, such as the sculpture of a stone form. So be consistent and patient. In one way or another a different dimension will be revealed to you through unknown places and people or only through those that have a set of values ​​similar to yours but on a different background.

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