Chinese Zodiac Signs that are breaking up in 2021

The year 2020 brought with it the economic and health decline, a big gap in the love sphere for many people.

Some astrologers believe that from the first months of the year until now many natives have gone through a huge test. Many of the signs have managed to overcome this difficult period, others have not.

But the astral that brought these real earthquakes into everyone’s lives will not stop too soon.

If the end of the year comes with a little more peace in relations, the year of the Ox 2021 brings a new challenge. Many couples who were certain that their relationship is based on stability will be amazed to find out next year that things are completely different.

Thus, even the extremely close-knit couples from whom everyone expects the news that they will come to unite their destinies, could go through the greatest love failure.

The Chinese horoscope for 2021 – the year of the Metal Ox, brings excellent news, for some zodiac signs, but also some less good ones, for other natives, who should prepare morally for all kinds of challenges.

Horses have every chance of being abandoned next year

Horses have had many difficult periods since the beginning of the year, especially professionally and financially. As for the love side, things were on a waterline in their case, but the stars show that this moment was just the silence before the storm. People born under this zodiac sign must be charged with a lot of patience and the desire to keep what is now theirs. Their life partners will also have a rather delicate period in which any small deviation can cause them to end the relationship.

Ox finds out the secrets of his life partner

These natives will have to go through the shock of their lives in 2021. If they have lived with the impression that they are aware of the cause with everything that the person next to them represents, the situations they will face in the next year show them the opposite.

Some secrets can be quite annoying for anyone’s psyche, and many of those born in this sign will be put in the situation of giving up their loved one for this reason. Do not try to convince an Ox that the reality is different from the one he perceives, as you will only make him more ambitious and leave you.

Rabbits break up before marriage, but quickly enter into a new relationship

Among the zodiac signs that await a year full of difficult astral events for them, Rabbits can be considered at least lucky. This is because although they will end up settling accounts with their current life partners in 2021, love will smile on them again soon. Thus, these natives will not have time for dramas and will fully enjoy the experience.

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