Astrology : New Moon in Libra 2021

The New Moon always talks about new beginnings, about opening doors, it comes with chances and opportunities, but this moon is quite tense both by the three planets in Capricorn, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, and by Mars which is retrograde in Aries sign.

Well, it is a New Moon of challenges and slightly forced contexts, either inside or outside, that practically forces us to open new doors.

The New Moon in Libra speaks, in general, of new beginnings in relationships with those around us, both in love relationships and in professional relationships. Because it is tense, the moon asks us to approach a context from the past differently in order to enjoy its benefits.

Advice from WiseHoroscope Astro Predictions 2021 : People who know their zodiacal ascendant are advised to read their ascendant predictions first and then their zodiac predictions!


Those born in the sign of Aries have the New Moon exactly in the sector of relationships, marriage and professional collaborations. It is time for new relational approaches and less for new relationships and associations.

Professionally, diplomacy is needed for the new beginnings to be beneficial and some associations, relationships, contracts must be re-evaluated for the opportunities to arrive. The yearly horoscope for Aries asks them to be patient in their interaction with those around them.


Those born in the sign of Taurus have a New Moon in Libra in the work and health sector. There is a need for a new approach to the way they work and carry out their daily activities, but also for a new lifestyle approach, based on new principles and mentalities.

Some past activities require reassessment and a new approach for the benefits of the moon to be felt.

2021 horoscope for the Taurus sign advises them to try to change their work schedule, to analyze more carefully some tasks (partnerships) that do not bring them benefits. Some natives may receive new tasks and responsibilities that will force them to develop professionally.


Those born in the sign of Gemini have the New Moon exactly in the sector of love and creativity.

There is a need for a new approach in the sentimental life, in relationships with children, but also in connection with leisure activities, artistic and creative activities. Past actions and decisions need to be re-evaluated and approached in a new way for things to work well emotionally.

2021’s horoscope for the Gemini sign asks them to avoid manipulation and infidelity and to look for a new strategy to identify with their intimate life and financial contexts regarding the money they have with their life partner.


Those born in the sign of Cancer feel the New Moon in the family and housing sector. Here they will have to show more harmony and diplomacy, especially in relations with parents, but the challenges also come through the prism of the life partner.

Decisions and actions from the past need to be re-evaluated and approached from a new perspective for things to change in the home. Opportunities related to a house may encounter some blockages, especially related to a contract.

Changing your home now or real estate contracts can be harder to accomplish. 2021 cancer horoscope requires natives to be more understanding than those they live with under the same roof.


Those born in the sign of Leo have the New Moon in the field of communication and negotiations, the relationship with relatives, people in the immediate entourage, colleagues, neighbors.

It is necessary for the natives to work on the way they dialogue with those around them, to show understanding and diplomacy, to pay attention to the words they say and to re-evaluate some principles of life, to approach a new vision if- and want to enjoy the benefits of the moon.

A series of challenges related to work and health can now come just to make the natives change their mentalities and, implicitly, their relationship with those around them. This year’s horoscope for Leo can bring the opportunity to give an interview, a meeting, an exam, a speech from a new perspective. Watch out for negotiations!


Those born in the Virgo sign have the New Moon in the financial sector, of money earned and can bring new beginnings, even forced, tense and provocative related to income.

Past actions and decisions need to be re-examined and a new approach, a new revenue growth and balancing strategy found. Beware of financial speculation that can be dangerous. It is possible that the determination of income growth comes from the desire to ensure the comfort of children or from the desire to develop a hobby.

Today’s horoscope for the Virgo sign asks them to (re) analyze the concept of capitalizing on a skill, a quality or to change the strategy for those who already monetize their talents.


Those born in the sign of Libra have the New Moon exactly in their sign, and the moment will be felt extremely strongly.

Natives will reconfigure and reshape their personal lives and have the opportunity to re-evaluate certain past decisions and actions, especially related to the partner (life partner or collaborators, business partners) to be approached from a new perspective, so so that they can enjoy the benefits of the moon.

The challenges of the moment are related to the family, the home, the home, the emotions, the inner universe and require patience and wisdom, but they also bring transformations with a beneficial result. Today’s horoscope for Libra draws their attention to the fact that tense relationships, where nothing can be done, can end.


Those born in the sign of Scorpio have the opportunity with this New Moon in Libra, which also takes place in the context of Mercury retrograde in their sign, to care more about health and reevaluate certain actions of the past so as to address a new lifestyle and a new pattern of thinking. Some natives can repeat tests to bring a new diagnosis, a new result. Past detachment, detachment from fixed ideas and mature reasoning are essential now.

At the same time, the way they communicate can cause them problems, nerves, stress and chaotic lifestyle can make them sick if they do not take responsibility. Today’s horoscope for the Scorpio sign requires more rest and relaxation.


Those born in the sign of Sagittarius have this New Moon in the sector of friends, and the astrological moment requires them to reevaluate actions related to the entourage, projects in which they are involved, and the approach of a new strategy of sentimental evolution.

Possible inconveniences that arise from money borrowed, invested, spent. Today’s Horoscope for Sagittarius asks them to change their attitude towards a love story, if they want to have a new start or a new stage.


Those born in the sign of Capricorn have left the New Moon in the sector of career and image, of professional aspirations. In order to be new beginnings, natives need to re-evaluate their personal involvement in achieving the proposed goals and create new approach strategies.

Today’s horoscope for the Capricorn sign can bring them the opportunity to make a major change in their careers, including professional direction, but they need patience and perseverance, but also a change in the way they relate to those around them. Beware of authority!


Those born in the sign of Aquarius have this New Moon in Libra in the sector of knowledge, expansion through study, professional development, but also philosophies and beliefs of life. In order to enjoy the opportunities brought by the moon and to have progress, the natives must detach themselves from fears and anxieties, inhibitions and reevaluate the way they communicate, learn, negotiate.

Aquarius horoscope requires them to express themselves more, no matter what that means, and to reevaluate their ideas. A number of principles, doctrines, prejudices can now be left behind to evolve.


The New Moon in Libra is spent on a financial house, the money they hold with others, from inheritances, loans, and those born in the sign of Pisces asks them to reevaluate the way they relate to finances, earnings, and approach a new strategy if they want financial balance. Another impactful sector is that of intimate life and it can be new beginnings in the relationship if the natives give more value to the partner.

An adventure can turn into a relationship if they are mature and persevering. The horoscope for Pisces warns them that they can lose money, they can make bad investments if they are impulsive in actions.

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